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amota99517 I am an artist who is always seeking the light and energy within my creations.  My artwork is inspired by my metaphysical writings and visa versa.  My art and writings are companions to each other and express the energy of the universe.  Currently my artistic works are focused on fractal art.  This medium is still in its infancy stage.  However, it is showing a major growth in our technological societies.  My works are not a randomization from a software program.  Each piece has been created with a spiritual or metaphysical purpose and is imbued with my artistic essence.  I look for the seed within a piece and then proceed to bring out its flowering beauty.  I would tend to classify my body of work as being spiritual and metaphysical as well as abstract in nature.  The common thread that runs through my artwork is that the colors are bright, clean and crisp and that there is always light to be found within each piece.  I have been creating art and doing my motivational writing for 20 years.  My art has evolved over the course of time and yet the seeds of light have been ever present in everything that I have created.  My art is classified as fractal art and has been created in part by using the Apophysis fractal software program.

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